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SAIGIT's breedstand at the Stockholms Hundmässa 14-15 December 2019

Glen gathering at the place of Ingrid and Arne in Lilla Mölleröd 5 October 2019

The Swedish terrier championship in blood scent tracking  in Klåveröd 8 June 2019

Blood scent tracking training in Alingsås April 2019

Thirteen members and 10 glens participated in the SAIGIT annual meeting in Falkenberg 23 February 2019 

SAIGIT took part in the breed stand of Västsvenska Terrierklubben at MyDog in Gothenburgh 3-6 January 2019 

Our glens exited the visitors to our breed stand at the Stockholms Hundmässa 8-9 December 2018

The Swedish terrier championship in blood scent tracking  in September 2018

Glen walk at the Hovdala castle in May 2018

SAIGITS's annual meeting in Falkenberg in February 2018

MyDog in Gothenburgh January 2018

Stockholms Hundmässa December 2017

Terrier Derby in Malmö November 2017

Glen walk at the  Sundsby säteri, Tjörn, in October 2017

The Swedish terrier championship in blood scent tracking  in September 2017

Blood scent tracking in Alingsås April 2017

  Glent gathering in Uppsala 2013 and glen walk in Stockholm in April 2013

Breed parade and  & SAIGIT's breed stand at  Älvsjömässan 2012

SAIGIT's breed stand at Älvsjömässan 2010

SAIGIT's breed stand at Älvsjömässan 2009

SAIGIT's Glen special in Almare-Stäket July 2008

SAIGIT's activity weekend in Norrland June 2008

Silence. No word spoken. The Glen has seen history.

Its wild mountains and its dog. Time stands still. The Glen, its terriers have survived time. A little dog,long in body, a family friend.

All, all are gone, the Scottish Highlanders who manned the Black Banks. 1798 fast forgotten.The terrier lives on. The mountains and their Glen are at peace.


But the Glen of Imaal Terrier speaks. I am an Irish Breed, I have known St.Patric. I was here in 1798, I knew Micael Dwyer.


All, all are gone, I still live on. The Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier.


By Eithne Cleary