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Hello all glenlovers!

The calendar winners for January and February 2021 are now choosen.

Previously submitted photos that did not win this time will
get a second chance, but of course we want more photos to vote for.

This is how it works:
Submit one or more digital photos with motifs of at least one glen.
The photos should preferably be in landscape format. Name the photographer. 
Email the photos to

The pictures to vote for are changed every second month,
so feel free to send pictures for each period.

After each period of two months, the votes are counted and the winners 
 presented among the Winners of the Year
with the photographer named. If several images get the same number of votes,
SAIGITs board will select the winner.

The votes are reset after counting, so vote each period.
Only members votes are counted, and you can only vote for one image for each month.

You do not have to submit photos to vote – all members can vote for their favorite.


When twelve images have been choosen,
a Glen Calendar will be printed for the following year.

The calendar can be ordered on the website from October.


är inställt enligt avrådan och generell dispens från SKK 


Röstning för

mars och april 2022 pågår nu.

Ny förenklad
röstning i år!

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