The Swedish Association of the


Hello, all friends of the Glen!

You are very welcome to join the Swedish breed club

for the Irish Glen Of Imaal Terrier.

As a member, you will be part of a beautiful community,

and you get the membership magazine Glenbiten 4 times a year.

And most important of all, you will help maintain and support

the best breed of all.

It's easy to become a member.

All you have to do is pay the membership fee to

The Swedish Association of the Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier.

IBAN: SE29 8000 0823 9615 3242 5509


Enter name, address, phone, and email address if you have any.

Then it's clear! If it is difficult to get fit with all the information

in your bank you can send them by email to


Membership fee per year for resident outside Sweden is 270 SEK,

and for extra persons in the household who want to join the fee is 100 SEK.


     The membership fee applies as rolling full-year payment from the date of receipt

of the payment, and is automatically renewed if no termination has been received.


Welcome to our club and enjoy Glens and Glen people at their best!



Rea på billister i glenshopen



 På grund av rådande coronapandemi, och SKKs antagna regler

om begränsningar av klubborganiserad verksamhet,

har SAIGIT tills vidare ställt in alla aktiviteter som varit planerade.

Vi kommer att åter-uppta verksamheten och återkommer med nya datum så snart läget tillåter


Röstning för maj och juni 2021 pågår nu

Årets Glen 2020

Tävlingen har startat med årets två första tävlingar 

Har du tips, frågor

eller synpunkter?   Maila till

eller skriv i